Marta moved to Milan to study a Master in International Marketing & Management and gain professional experience. During his stay in Italy, he fell in love with the elegance and simplicity of the Venetian friulane and tried to incorporate them into our brand, also being able to maintain their timelessness and beauty.

    Patricia, Graduated in business administration and management, relied on the island of Sveti Stefan (San Esteban) for the name of the brand. The Island was used as a fortress during the Turkish-Venetian war in 1442. Today it is a large luxury hotel frequented by celebrities from all over the world. Thanks to a trip across the Adriatic, he was able to draw inspiration from the name of the Montenegrin island in order to create his brand.


    What sophisticated alternative is left for anyone who wants to wear a flat, original and elegant shoe that is not a traditional ballerina?

    This is how Sveti Stefan was born in 2020. A new brand of slippers made in Spain, always with a contemporary design language to create elegant, simple and versatile pieces.

    Sveti Stefan is inspired by the design of the Venetian Friulane. Made in the traditional way, adorned with velvet or colorful oriental silks. All sewn by hand. They come from the peasant culture of the end of World War II. They were used by gondoliers so as not to damage the paint on the gondolas.