Presentation: tell us a little about yourself, and secondly what you do professionally.

My name is Belén Vázquez, I am 40 years old (my mother, how dizzy to say it out loud) I am the mother of 4 children who give me life, but also take it away from me. I studied journalism. I worked for 10 years at TELVA magazine as an editorial collaborator and now I work at the Charhadas creative agency that generates digital content for luxury brands.
I love the decoration, being in the countryside with my family, a good meal with friends and our dog Lucio.

A woman who inspires you.

My mother... for her infinite goodness, her complete dedication to her family and everyone around her, her common sense, her delight and her potato omelette.

Your biggest challenge.

Being a mother... without a doubt... is a dedication 24/7 without rest and you cannot let your guard down in the least. I constantly question each step, each decision, each word, each gesture...
But at the same time it is, without a doubt, my greatest achievement.

A habit that helps you be productive.

The lists... I make lists for everything... I don't know what I would do without the notes app hahahaha. Seeing written the things I have to do and all kinds of errands helps me a lot to organize my day to day.

Some trick to maintain the balance between personal and professional life.

Leave the mobile after a certain time and on weekends. A very complicated task but one that I try to follow to the letter.
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